Our Service

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Comprehensive Intake

You’re not just a number for us. We consider your physical state, your psyche, and your current situation, so we can get a picture of the entire person.

Full Spectrum of Therapies

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies can effectively address a variety of diseases, according to a list compiled by the World Health Organization.  Our holistic therapies address all the conditions on the list, though we specialize in gynecological and endocrinological imbalances. Our TCM modalities include gentle acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, Asian massage, and cupping. Additionally, we offer nutritional advice, and yoga, and are always on the lookout for other useful methods. Our therapy sessions are always based on your needs and situation. Naturally, as a clinic which specializes in fertility, we also treat couples.

Natural Remedies

We prefer to use high-quality Chinese herbs for a natural approach. Thanks to our co-operation with the Swiss firm Lian China Herbs, we have access to the finest herbal ingredients. In Switzerland, Chinese herbs are considered as medicinals, and therefore, must be certified by Swissmedic.  This agency’s quality control requirements are among the most stringent in Europe. Aside from providing a customized Chinese herbal recipe, we’ll also discuss other holistic products that might be helpful, such as vitamins or other botanicals.

A relaxing, safe atmosphere

Our experienced, compassionate team, and our lovingly decorated practice rooms are designed to make you feel comforted and cared for. Our network of independent medical experts provide additional security for your health. We’ll work on finding your new balance as a team.

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