The birth of a baby is a very special and unique time for a woman. Each mother’s experience will be different. We are happy to be there for you after the birth as well, to assist you with any problems, in combination with Western Medicine. These include the following:

• Postnatal Depression
• Persistent Bleeding
• Night Sweats
• Perineum Pain after Birth
• Lactation Problems and Breast Pain

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tcm hilft bei beschwerden in der menopause

Menopause is a physiologically normal state, and ideally should occur with minimal problems. However, imbalances resulting from years of an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to manifest during menopause. Then we see symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, moodiness, and fatigue. Although many women believe that such symptoms are an unavoidable part of aging, they actually indicate an imbalance in your body. TCM can address these imbalances and the resulting symptoms effectively.

How did menopause come to be associated with so many unpleasant symptoms in modern times? The symptoms actually can be traced back to an unhealthy lifestyle during one’s teens and twenties. The lifestyle imbalances begin to manifest as disharmonies during one’s thirties and forties. In addition to an unbalanced lifestyle, women often have a difficult emotional history, full of frustration and unexpressed emotions. In TCM, this condition of emotional stress is referred to as Liver-Qi stagnation. A consequence of Liver Qi Stagnation is the inhibition of physiological pathways in the body. As a result, various substances can no longer circulate freely. Before menopause, this stagnation often manifests as PMS, aggravated by social and emotional stress, too little exercise, and faulty nutrition. During the forties, a woman’s body also starts producing less Yin, which can be understood as a collection of fluids, hormones, and blood. As Yin wanes, menses get lighter and finally stop. If a woman has experienced Liver Qi Stagnation in the last decade, or even within the last twenty or thirty years, the remaining Yin can’t be flow freely, or be distributed throughout the body. In terms of Western science, we might state that the digestion can’t extract nourishment properly, or hormones may not reach their target receptors.

Yin has a cooling, calming influence on the body. When the remaining Yin is improperly distributed due to the Liver Qi Stagnation, symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and emotional outbursts occur.

However TCM can reduce or eliminate these symptoms. A TCM therapist can prescribe a specific herbal formula, in combination with acupuncture, to treat each woman’s unique symptoms and diagnosis. Although most women with menopause symptoms have Yin deficiency and Liver-Qi stagnation, other diagnostic patterns, such as Yang deficiency can occur. (Yang deficiency can be seen in in thyroid or adrenal hormone deficiency, or osteoporosis).

An accurate assessment of your symptoms, including their severity, along with a careful tongue and pulse analysis, help your TCM therapist decide on the right treatment for you. In distinction to a typical treatment from your Western medicine practitioner, which could include hormone replacement therapy and medication to prevent osteoporosis, TCM herbal recipes and acupuncture pose no danger.

Other Conditions Treated with TCM

TCM Behandlung Akupunktur

Thanks to our decades of experience, we address a broad spectrum of diseases with TCM. We treat all disorders that appear on the World Health Organization’s list as responding to acupuncture. Some of the conditions that we’ve treated successfully include:

• Eczema
• Bronchiopulmonary Disease
• Heart and Circulatory Disease
• Gynecological Disease
• Urological and andrological Disease
• Neurological Disease
• Gastrointestinal Disease
• Musculoskeletal Disease
• Emotional Disorders and Addiction


akupunktur tcm zürich

Acupuncture treats various diseases that result from an imbalanced energy flow. Through using very thin needles or laser at particular points, blockades can be released and self-healing powers activated. Acupuncture is one of the main treatment modalities of TCM, tested and refined through the centuries. People’s experience of the needles varies. Some people feel a prickling, or a vibration: others may feel a dull pressure. We use gentle needling. With especially sensitive patients, painless needling or lasers can be used. Of course we use only disposable needles. Acupuncture can treat most functional diseases well, and without side effects.

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TCM Herbal Therapy

chinesische medizin und arzneimittel

Chinese herbal therapy is based on ancient verbal traditions, transmitted from master to apprentice, and refined through centuries of application.  The treasures of nature in China provided ample raw material. Around 6000 medicinals from botanicals, minerals, and animals are documented: around 300 of those are used in TCM prescriptions.

In Switzerland, only a few animal derived substances are approved for use by the agency Swissmedic. Most of our medicinals are plant derived, and include roots, bark, leaves, braches, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Depending on the diagnosis, various healing herbs are combined into an effective mixture. Each herb has a particular function. The so-called emperor herb is responsible for the main effect of the mixture. Various other herbs support the function of the formula, help the body absorb the mix, or alleviate any possible side-effects. During your treatment, the herbs can be adjusted, taking into account other medications that you might be prescribed. Normally, the herbs are tolerated well, and seldom cause any side effects. For patients that are pregnant, or wish to become pregnant, we avoid any strong herbs, so that you and your baby will be absolutely safe.

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Asian Massage


Asian Bodywork offers massage techniques informed by TCM therapy. Tui-Na is the most popular Asian massage. During your treatment, the therapist determines which acupuncture channels have blocked energy. Through the application of tapping, vibrating, and swinging movements, and pressure from fingers, palms, and fists, the energy flow in the meridian can be restored. Tui-na increases circulation and stimulates endocrine secretions. Tui-Na is mostly used for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Muscles, tendons, and joints that are tense and blocked can be treated effectively. It can also be used for gynecological or nervous conditions.

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kinderwunsch fruchtbarkeit mann

The term andrology comes from the Greek “andros” – man, and “logos” – teaching. It thus encompasses the medical science of men. From prostate problems to erectile dysfunction and urinary tract problems, we support you in every phase of life. We work closely with western doctors. We also offer telephone consultations.

Urology and andrology

Health is more important than ever in our society. Life is getting faster, you have to do more and more in less time, and the pressure is increasing – in every respect. More and more is demanded of women and men. Men have to go to work and bring home the money. At the same time, they have to be a loving and caring partner and help out in the household. So it is not surprising that male disorders have increased.

But maybe it is also the fact that men nowadays are more likely to see a doctor and take more care of their health. Although typical male complaints are still a taboo subject in society, or perhaps because of this, it is important to address and discuss these issues and to take men and their concerns seriously. For many of these problems, such as chronic prostate problems, menopause in men, potency problems or reduced semen quality, we offer effective treatment options in Chinese medicine.

Since we always consider the whole body and include it in the diagnosis and our treatments, we offer more than just momentary support. The balance of energies is restored, which takes a little time, but is good for your health in the long term. We would be happy to accompany you on your way to optimal well-being.


schroepfen tcm praxis zürich

Cupping is a traditional healing method that was used in European, as well as Asian, culture. Cupping may be used instead of acupuncture, or combined into a treatment. It’s especially recommended for painful conditions resulting from a local blockage of Qi and circulation. Through the use of a hand pump a vacuum is created. The cup is then applied to the affected body part. The cups remain in place 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, circulation is improved. Some bruising is possible, though the procedure is not painful.

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Nutritional theory is another cornerstone of TCM, and is usually including as part of treatment. In China, eating properly has traditionally been regarded as another kind of medicine. Choosing nutritional foods supports other healing therapies, as well as preventing illness down the road. Foods are categorized according to their action in the body, and whether they have a cooling or warming effect, regardless of their actual temperature. Your nutritional choices further energize your therapy here. We’re happy to share hints and recipes with you.