TCM Herbal Therapy

chinesische medizin und arzneimittel

Chinese herbal therapy is based on ancient verbal traditions, transmitted from master to apprentice, and refined through centuries of application.  The treasures of nature in China provided ample raw material. Around 6000 medicinals from botanicals, minerals, and animals are documented: around 300 of those are used in TCM prescriptions.

In Switzerland, only a few animal derived substances are approved for use by the agency Swissmedic. Most of our medicinals are plant derived, and include roots, bark, leaves, braches, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Depending on the diagnosis, various healing herbs are combined into an effective mixture. Each herb has a particular function. The so-called emperor herb is responsible for the main effect of the mixture. Various other herbs support the function of the formula, help the body absorb the mix, or alleviate any possible side-effects. During your treatment, the herbs can be adjusted, taking into account other medications that you might be prescribed. Normally, the herbs are tolerated well, and seldom cause any side effects. For patients that are pregnant, or wish to become pregnant, we avoid any strong herbs, so that you and your baby will be absolutely safe.

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