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Infertility is often a just a label. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a healthy woman should be capable of conception once her menses have arrived until she reaches menopause, unless the ovarian tubes are blocked, or there are other anatomical abnormalities. That’s why we start with an understanding of your overall health. Gathering information about a woman’s cycle gives us lots of useful information. The length of the cycle, the quality of the bleeding, and any discomfort or pain, are assessed for indications of disharmony. Each month, we’ll have the opportunity to ease menstrual symptoms, as you prepare your body for pregnancy. Many patients already notice changes after the first treatment. In most cases though, the therapy is a step-by-step process. We ask patients to expect at least three months of therapy.

As pregnancy depends on a variety of complex factors, we feel that interdisciplinary collaboration between TCM and Western medicine provides the best results. Our treatments are designed to complement the protocols that you’ll receive from your doctors, gynecologists, and midwives.

The following conditions respond well to TCM:
• Endometriosis
• Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
• Disorders of Follicular Maturation
• Progesterone Deficiency
• High FSH Levels
• Amenorrhea or Anovulatory Cycles (no ovulation)
• Painful Menstruation
• Irregular Cycles
• Uterine Scarring
• Infertility Complicated by Immunological Conditions
• Pregnancy After Age 35
• Infertility of Unknown Cause
• Repeated Miscarriages

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