For Men…

kinderwunsch fruchtbarkeit mann

TCM can support a man’s overall health and virility, and in some cases, increase sperm counts, and optimize fertility. We have treated men with fertility challenges for years, both on an individual basis, and as part of a couple.

Urology and andrology

Health is more important than ever in our society. Life is getting faster, you have to do more and more in less time, and the pressure is increasing – in every respect. More and more is demanded of women and men. Men have to go to work and bring home the money. At the same time, they have to be a loving and caring partner and help out in the household. So it is not surprising that male disorders have increased.

But maybe it is also the fact that men nowadays are more likely to see a doctor and take more care of their health. Although typical male complaints are still a taboo subject in society, or perhaps because of this, it is important to address and discuss these issues and to take men and their concerns seriously. For many of these problems, such as chronic prostate problems, menopause in men, potency problems or reduced semen quality, we offer effective treatment options in Chinese medicine.

Since we always consider the whole body and include it in the diagnosis and our treatments, we offer more than just momentary support. The balance of energies is restored, which takes some time, but is beneficial to health in the long term. We would be happy to accompany you on your way to optimal well-being.

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